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Tax Debt Write-off is a process where the commissioner, on your request or his own finding or opinion, may
completely write-off all the amount of tax debt you owe to the National Revenue Fund.

The decision to completely write-off a tax debt is solely based on your financial position and circumstances.

On the basis of your circumstances, the commissioner may decide to write-off the tax debt temporarily or

In terms of the Tax Administration Act, 2011, there are tax debts that are uneconomical to pursue, and
there are tax debts that are irrecoverable at law. There are obviously guidelines to procedures for temporary
and for permanent write-offs.

Our team of experts will conduct a survey into your matter to determine whether a temporary or permanent
write-off shall apply or pass muster, and lodge a request to write-off in accordance with the rules as
promulgated in the Tax Administration Bill.

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