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  • Tax Debt Disputes - Objections & Appeals +

    An Objection or Dispute is when you are not in agreement with any decision taken regarding your tax affairs.
    The legislation provides clear guidelines and promulgates that any Taxpayer who is aggrieved by any
    decision taken by SARS can lodge an Objection relating to that specific area of concern.

    A dispute can be as a result of one of the following, but not limited to:
    1. Incorrect assessment
    2. Interest and penalties
    3. Additional taxes / understatement penalties
    4. Disallowed expenses
    5. Disallowed allowances
    6. Disallowed refunds
    7. Double taxation
    8. Disallowance of instruments or items, etc.

    This is where we come into the picture; giving you a complete peace of mind by preparing and submitting
    an Objection for you on the prescribed form and in the prescribed manner.Lemac & Associates will unpack
    your grievance; advance all the grounds of objection and close any gab that might be used to escape
    compliance obligation in relation to your dispute

  • Tax Debt Settlements +

    Tax Debt Settlement is when an agreement is reached between you (Taxpayer) and SARS to Waive and
    Remit all Penalties, Interests and Understatement Penalties / Additional Taxes.

    Circumstances that have led to the non-compliance play pivotal role in how a request or application for
    Waiver or Remittance is applied and considered by the commissioner.

    Lemac & Associates really understands and have the knowledge of technicalities and challenges all
    kinds of businesses encounter; thus, it makes it easier for us to approach your Request for Settlement
    with the National Revenue Fund with confidence, giving you positive results at all times.

  • Deferred Payments Arrangements +

    We assist you in making payment arrangements with SARS and the Compensation fund (COID) if
    you have defaulted in your taxes. SARS or the Compensation Commissioner will not take any legal
    action to recover the outstanding taxes. Such arrangements also assist if you need to obtain
    Tax Clearance Certificates or Letter of Good Standing.
  • Tax Debt Compromises +

    Tax Debt Compromise is a process were the commissioner, on your request, compromises the amount
    of tax you owe to the National Revenue Fund (SARS).

    It is a legal process. It does not depend of any favours from any official; it also does not depend on
    any emotional expressions. It is a provision of the Tax Administration Bill!

    If you are indebted to the National Revenue Fund and you are not able to comply with your payment
    obligation due to any circumstances, Lemac & Associates will assist you by applying for a Tax Debt
    Compromise in the prescribed manner and as promulgated in the Tax Administration Bill and the
    Companies Act.

  • Suspension of Payments +

    In terms of the "pay now, argue later rule" you have to pay the assessed taxes even if you dispute the debt.
    An objection does not suspend payment of the debt. According to the rule, you have to pay the assessed
    debt, and should your dispute (objection) be resolved in your favour, you will be refunded.

    That's were we come into the picture; applying to the Commissioner to put the payment and collection
    of the outstanding taxes on hold pending finalization of the dispute.

  • Tax Debt Write-offs +

  • Tax Clearance Certificates +

  • COID - Compensation for Occupational Injuries & Diseases +

  • Tax Policies +

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